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Articles from the year 2008

Why Ruby is Not My Favorite Language

Don't get me wrong, Ruby is a great language. I've been around the block plenty. Ruby code can be beautiful, concise, expressive. Blocks were the gateway drug to functional programming for me. Programming in most other languages after significant Ruby exposure is painful. Why then, is Ruby not my favorite programming language?

Programming in the Large

Anyone working on an application with a reasonably long lifetime ...

The Haskell Cheatsheet

Learning Haskell is not easy. Besides the syntax, concepts, and advanced types, there is a real lack of succinct, accessible references. As I learned Haskell I frequently wanted a quick reference for syntax, keywords and other language elements. The Haskell Report, while very thorough, wasn't quite it.

For that reason I've created this cheatsheet. It's intended for beginning to intermediate Haskell programmers to use as ...

Access GitHub repositories from work (take that, firewall!).

Using GitHub almost requires the use of ssh to access repositories securely. It is absolutely required to update repositories. Unfortunately, that can run afoul of the "IT overlords" in many corporate environments. At my workplace, a Microsoft ISA authenticating web proxy server is in place, restricting most outbound traffic.1 Specifically, port 22, the ssh port, is not allowed and that means I can't pull or push ...