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Update: Syntax Coloring in Intellipad

I previously posted a sample showing how to create a plugin for Intellipad (shipped with the Microsoft "Oslo" SDK) which would support syntax coloring and error highlighting for files written in your own Mg-defined language. That sample worked with the previous release of the SDK. Now that the January 2009 release has come out, the sample needs a few minor updates.

The code for the updated sample is available at

Breaking Changes

  • System.Dataflow.DynamicParser no longer exposes a ParseObject() method -- now Parse<object> must be used.
  • Loading a parser from an MGX resource now uses


    instead of

  • The signature of the abstract method System.Dataflow.ErrorReporter.OnError is now

          protected abstract void OnError(ErrorInformation errorInformation)

    instead of

          protected abstract void OnError(ISourceLocation sourceLocation, 
            ErrorInformation errorInformation)

    The ISourceLocation parameter is now available on the errorInformation object from the Location property.

Other Changes

  • The Python script to add the ToDo Mode command is no longer needed. ToDo mode will stil not show up in "mode" drop down on the right. However, loading a .todo file will use the right mode.

Thanks to Douglas Purdy the link reminding me I should update this sample!

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  1. Re: Article by Evgheniy (2009-03-26)

    Thank you Justin very much for the post. Very appreciated. Your blog seems to be the only valuable resource for those who start using Oslo. With your help I finally implemented couple of DSL's and a parser, that is producing JSON-compatible graph of data. Works very nice, but is rather slow. I hope that dynamic parser's performance will be encreased in release.